Still Waters
Gigantic Fish in Pristine Waters

The club has fishing rights on over 20 dams covering an area of nearly 200ha. Most dams are easily accessible by car and are equipped with well-maintained rowing boats. The club has been stocking these waters regularly for over 50 years so there are a large number of impressive fish and it is common for fish to be caught over 2.5kg.

The high altitude in the district and rugged landscape lends itself to cool deep waters where the trout thrive. A healthy occurrence of various types of aquatic vegetation produces a steady supply of food throughout the year so the fish grow quickly.

Although the club strives to be exclusively a trout fishing club, bass have crept into some of the dams from the surrounding waters. Unlike trout these fish spawn naturally in still waters and can become something of a pest during the warmer summer months. During winter, however, they die back naturally.

The browsable map below indicates the location of the various club waters.

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